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OmniDuct is one of the largest manufactures of Commercial HVAC ductwork in the nation. Founded in 1982, OmniDuct has 4 manufacturing facilities located in Buena Park CA, Sacramento CA, Phoenix AZ and Everett WA.


OmniDuct is the founding member of Manufacturing Soulutions and the company that invested more than 4 years and $5 million in the creation of the core platform that Manufacturing Soulutions is built on. OmniDuct went live on the Manufacturing Soulutions platform on Jan 1, 2017.

The integration of the CamDuct design/estimating/cutting software with the Epicor ERP system for a seamless, single input process, was foundational in the creation of Manufacturing Soulutions. Combining OmniDucts 35+ year experience in continuous improvement and lean manufacturing with the custom built software platform has created an unmatched system for operating a commercial HVAC duct manufacturing business.


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Prime Metal Products focuses on Batch Based Manufacturing which separates the work into distinct batches. The end point for one batch is the starting point for the next batch. And the start and end times are staggered such that each batch starts with a full backlog of work and completes all items before they leave for the day.

This means that no matter how busy we get, you can always count on Prime Metal Products to deliver, On Time! Prime Metal Products was founded on the following principles; Speed, Quality, Cost and Innovation. Prime Metal Products joined the Manufacturing Soulutions platform in 2020.

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Tolerie Mirabelis a French/Canadian HVAC duct manufacturing company located in Quebec. It is in a 12,000 square foot plant, with a production capacity of 3 tons of steel per day, that the talent, passion and expertise of the company's employees and craftsmen for the transformation of metal into sheet is expressed. Tôlerie Mirabel specializes in sheet metal work using all types of steel: galvanized steel, black steel, satin steel, stainless steel, aluminum.


Tolerie Mirabel joined the Manufacturing Soulutions platform in 2021.

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Zinger Sheet Metal is a third generation family owned company serving the HVAC industry since 1954. Zinger Sheet Metal was started in a garage by Henry and Harold Zinger. The Zinger brothers were innovative and understood the value of installing prefabricated duct. Under the ownership of Nelson Capestany, Henry’s son in law, the company grew by investing in machinery and manufacturing processes. David Capestany, the grandson of Henry Zinger, has continued to grow the company through expanded product offerings, technology and a culture of continuous improvement.


Zinger Sheet Metal joined the Manufacturing Soulutions platform in 2022.


Brookstone Industries specializes in manufacturing sheet metal duct for any industrial, commercial, or residential project. Whether the need is for standard round or square duct or for custom work, Brookstone is committed to the fabrication of duct and fittings at the highest SMACNA quality standards. As a small business, one of Brookstone’s greatest strengths is that each client and project remains a priority. "Our team has the ability to remain focused on completing your order with an attention to detail and at a lower cost." This means that materials for your job are produced on schedule and checked for accuracy and quality so that they can be installed on the field without delay.

Brookstone Industries joined the Manufacturing Soulutions platform on 2023.

SMI Fabrication 


SMI Fabrication joined the Manufacturing Soulutions platform in 2024.

The MfgSoul Team is currently working on the implementations of several additional HVAC Duct Manufacturers. These Manufacturers will be added to this list once they go live on the software platform.

Want more details? Contact us! We are here to assist.

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