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Bob Brumleu
Bob Brumleu, CEO | Phone: 714-385-5227

Business -

     Bob and his team built one of the most successful Commercial HVAC Duct Manufacturing companies in the United States. OmniDuct, with manufacturing facilities in Buena Park CA, Sacramento CA, Everett WA and Phoenix AZ is also one of the largest HVAC Duct Manufacturers in the US. With 4 fully automated coil-lines, 8 Spiral machines, 3 laser cutters  and 7 plasma cutters, OmniDuct is capable of producing over 400,000# of duct on a daily basis.

     Bob believes that, to achieve the type of success that OmniDuct has achieved, it requires the utilization of state-of-the-art systems and well established procedures to set the standards of operations for all team members. "These state-of-the-art systems just did not exist in our industry, so we decided to make the investment to create them", said Bob. "We led the charge, and invested more than $5 million over 4 years to create the platform that Manufacturing Soulutions is operating on."

     "This platform uses the CamDuct estimating engine which we fully integrated into the Epicor ERP software to create a fully integrated software solution in which to operate a Commercial HVAC Duct Manufacturing company" noted Bob. "It is specifically designed, with all the Smacna Standards for HVAC duct construction built into the system. One of the key elements is the 'Single Entry' process in which only a single entry or import of the customer duct construction information is required by the system. The job will flow all the way through Estimating, Manufacturing and Accounting with the single data entry process, eliminating the need for triple entry that most companies are performing today."

     The significant positive impact that this new proprietary system had for OmniDuct, convinced Bob that this platform would be very beneficial to HVAC Duct manufacturers across the country. Thus, the concept for Manufacturing Soulutions was born.

     In addition to the systems platform, Bob also realized the huge benefit that OmniDuct was getting in the area of ContinuoUs Improvement through the collaboration process that the four OmniDuct manufacturing facilities have implemented. Collaboration is key in their improvements in throughput in the shop. This ContinuoUs Improvement Collaboration model is available to all member of the Manufacturing Soulutions Platform.

     "Benchmarking our manufacturing processes against Peers in our industry has been paramount in showing us where we are doing well and where we can improve. Prior to benchmarking, we thought we were doing awesome. Little did we realize how much we could improve. These improvements have led to massive improvements in throughput and profitability."

     If you would like to discuss the advantages of the Manufacturing Soulutions Platform and how it can help you gain margin in your life, please call Bob on his cell at (714) 264-1612. It might just be time to reach out for help.

     Ministry -

     Bob has been very active in Ministry since 1992. Bob currently serves, or has served, on the Board of Directors of the following Ministries;

        The Sheepfold

               Shelter for Homeless Women with Children

        Christ the Center Ministries

              Christian School for Displaced Children in Gulu, Uganda.


              Helping Christian CEO's achieve Business Performance with an Eternal


        The Pocket Testament League

              Sharing the Gospel of John around the world.

        The Barnabas Group

              Connecting Career Calling with Kingdom Impact

     Education -

     Bob received his Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the University of Southern California in 1985. Instead of pursuing a career in Architecture, Bob joined the family business and used his skills to grow OmniDuct and implement the processes and procedures that have guided Omni to being a leader in the Commercial HVAC Duct Manufacturing industry.

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