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Fully Integrated Software Platform,
Built by HVAC Duct Manufacturers, for HVAC Duct Manufacturers!

"Quote to Cash" with just one input/import of your customer data!

The Challenge

Many owners of HVAC Duct Manufacturing companies are

working 60 to 80 hours per week

and killing themselves. Wearing too many hats, trying to do it all, keeping their customers satisfied, dealing with employees, vendors, quality, deliveries, payroll, collections, insurance, banks, accounts payable ... and the list goes on and on and on!!!!!!

Is this what your life looks like?

Are you ready to get your life back?

The Solution

Would you like your life to look like this?

Consider what your life would look like if you had a

 Proven HVAC Duct Manufacturing platform

 to put your company on that would allow you to focus on production and customer service. 

Would you like to get your life back? Spend more time with your family? Get your Soul back?

If so, Manufacturing Soulutions may be just right for you. 

Life is too Short to let your business run your life!

How does it work

Analyze your goals

We get together to explore your goals and share the benefits of the software platform we created.


We decide together if our companies would be a good fit together, and if we both would like to move forward.


Our team installs all software, trains your team, and you begin getting your life back.

Built by Duct Manufacturers, for Duct Manufacturers!

Grow your business without losing your soul, or your family!

Bob Brumleu, CEO | Phone: 714-385-5227

Hi, my name is Bob Brumleu and I have been where you are. I used to work unreasonable hours and my life suffered because of it. I care about you, your company and your family and want to help you thrive in your life and your business.

My team and I have built OmniDuct ( into one of the largest Commercial HVAC Duct Manufacturing companies in the country. Now, with MfgSoul, we have a great software platform that is ready to help you by reducing the burden of your back office requirements. We have spent over $5M to build an incredible software platform that requires only a single input/import of our customer data to operate OmniDuct from "Quote to Cash". I want to help our entire industry eliminate waste and become so efficient that mechanical contractors can no longer justify building their own duct. Therefore, I am now making this software platform available to your HVAC Duct Manufacturing company. Let us help you eliminate all the frustrations of multiple software systems that do not talk to each other. Call us today!

Want more details? Contact Bob Brumleu

Call me directly at (714) 264-1612 or email me at 

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